Center for Computing Education

It starts with you

Mission and Vision:

The common idea of a group of people was finding the right ways to harness the potential of the Internet as a medium to design a new model of education. 

Our mission is to:

• ensure knowledge of modern technologies to the IT professionals

• provide training and testing in the fields of knowledge of computer technologies to beginners and people who are looking for "a second chance"

• Offer IT programs for retraining (program for development of the workforce)


Center profile:

Center for Computer Education CCED was founded in 2002 in Sarajevo. The common idea from the very beginning was to take advantage of (unfortunately still unrecognized by the state) potentials offered by the Internet as a medium for designing new educational model.

We started with the program of the Cisco Networking Academy (Cisco Net Academy) and soon after we became the leading Cisco academy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our secret of success was the fact that we managed to find the right way to balance the academic background of our lecturers and academic severity with flexibility and freshness that brings Industrial IT certification. 

Several hundred students and their positive feedback were the reason that already in 2003 we received a prestigious award by Cisco Systems - the best Cisco academy in EMEA. This was followed by new contracts, authorized training, new staff additions, new projects supported by the EU, UNDP and government institutions.

Today, CCED is able to offer training and testing of the most successful international IT companies (Cisco - the status of local and regional Cisco Academy, Microsoft, Oracle, CompTIA, ECDL, VUE, ...)


Participants of our seminars and education programs fall into one of three groups. These are:

• IT professionals

• Persons wishing to retrain

• Persons wishing to improve their computer literacy

CCED has achieved status of the strongest IT training center in Bosnia and Herzegovina primarily thanks to the staff quality and dedicated educators. All coaches have had to go through the process of proving the technical expertise, as well as presentation and andragogical skills. This is a standard part of the "train-the-trainers" programs and it usually takes place in the training centers of the licensor (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco ...).

Top IT education today cannot be imagined without quality laboratories with modern computer configurations, communication and other necessary equipment, and environmental parameters that ensure high standards of the whole learning process. CCED now has a top-equipped computer lab and testing center with three places for passing certification exams.

Since the Centre led or actively participated in almost all major IT training projects for more than 12 years, taking into consideration that in BiH there are no preconditions (Adult Education Act, etc.) which would allow our education to become part of the formal education framework, we can say that our efforts are recognized by most relevant instances - by the market, and our students.


As for the training and payment fee, participants in the CCED Sarajevo pay commercial prices according to the current price list. Given that most of the projects are IT training for target groups such as young people, the young unemployed, young people from rural areas are financed from EU funds and other international organizations, the target groups can fully attend free training for selected project.