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Why is IT certification important?

IT profession is a business area that is in all of its segments fastest changing today. The school or college degree in a time of new technologies is no longer the only way nor sufficient proof of professional knowledge and skill. For this reason, the industrial certification is today the most widely used method for identifying, differentiating and employment of persons who have successfully demonstrated competence in a specialized area of IT. Certification is the best choice for those who plan to start a career in the IT world. 

What is a certificate?

Certificate is issued by the professional, usually a body accredited by the state, it has the power to verify the knowledge and the issuance of such official certificates. The certificate is a proof of passing the test (or tests), and thus confirms that the successful candidate has mastered certain, usually specialized knowledge or skills in the field covered by the certification exam. The certificate is for future employee credential and recommendation for getting a job, on the other hand for the employer, form of guarantee that the work will be done with the highest quality standards. Also, the certification is a way to differentiate the company in the market through competence gained by the principals, a certain number of points required can be obtained exclusively by hiring certified professionals.

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 The benefits of certification:

The benefits of certification to the employer

• The certification standardizes knowledge and increase business performance

• Qualifications to perform new tasks are gained through certification

• Through certification organization gets points with the principal to obtain new competences

• Organizations that are investing in knowledge and certification are more effective

The benefits of certification for individual

• The certification increases the self-confidence

• Certification increase credibility with employers, customers and business associates

• Certification is a key part of career development

Aspects relating to technology

• Through constant certification one can keep up with new technology

• Through certification maintain your relationship with the IT community

• Certification confirms your technical knowledge and expertise

Start your IT career by:

• Setting up your professional goals

• Selecting the area where you want to educate and certify

• Asking around where you can get the education will make the acquisition of certificates easier 

• Register, take the exam and pass the certification

• Periodically repeat this entire process to retain existing competencies and win new

And when you choose to access the test...

• Come to the Center for Computer Education - CCED, which is part of a large family of over 5000 accredited Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide

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